Celebrating National Transfer Student Week






SACAC is excited to celebrate National Transfer Student Week this week! We contacted some SACAC post-secondary members who work directly in transfer admission for a virtual interview about this field of college admissions. Here are some selected responses:

What are the biggest changes you’ve seen in transfer access and success recently?

  • “More interest in the transfer student experience as a whole.  More investment in their success and less of thinking of them as an afterthought.”
  • “The biggest change I have seen recently has been the test-optional movement. Especially for our Freshman-Transfer students who may still have to use High School information to apply, that optional test score has helped a lot of students gain admission when previously they would not have been able to.”

What’s misunderstood about transfer admissions or the transfer experience?

  • “That transfers don’t need as much help because they’ve “done it before.”
  • “The common issue many transfer students have is about their credits; they need to know how many will transfer and about school accreditation. Each institution is different, so making clear statements about how credit evaluation works is key to a successful transfer experience.”

What’s one thing you’d change about transfer admissions?

  • “I’d want for it to get the same amount of attention as freshmen admissions, especially when it comes to scholarships.
  • The amount of attention it gets. Transferring needs to be a more acceptable step for students. The more we communicate and advertise the benefits, the easier the process and transfer experience can be.”

As we continue our recognition of Transfer Student Week, we are still looking for SACAC member experience with the transfer process as a student for an upcoming Southern Scope Blog post! If you transferred institutions as an undergraduate or graduate student or both, tell us about it anonymously here.