Florida Regional Admission Counselors (FRAC)

An interview with Antonio Serrano, Treasurer & Membership Chair for FRAC, by Nicole Sumrall

In 2019, a new Regional Admissions Network was founded, the Florida Regional Admissions Counselors, or FRAC. Nicole Sumrall, FL Communication Liaison, interviewed Antonio Serrano, Treasurer and Membership Chair of FRAC and Florida Regional Recruitment Manager for The Ohio State University, to help share what the new organization has been up to and their plans for the future!

What is your mission for FRAC?

Our mission is to educate Floridians about out-of-state higher education opportunities while providing professional networking for its members.

Who are the board members currently serving FRAC?

We have seven members who make up our board; they are listed below.

      1. Kim Parrett, Sacred Heart University – Chair
      2. Antonio Serrano, The Ohio State University – Membership Chair/Treasurer
      3. Stephanie Hospodar, University of Tennessee Knoxville- Secretary
      4. Tara Nelan, Muhlenberg College – Counselor Relations
      5. Ernea Sims, Seton Hall University – Program Coordinator
      6. Casie Tate, University of Alabama – Program Coordinator
      7. Peyton Spears, University of Mississippi – Technology Chair

How many members do you currently have in FRAC?

We currently have 20 institutions represented in FRAC and a total of 24 individuals. Our goal is to continue to grow to be able to help Floridians explore their out-of-state options.

What types of events have you hosted or attended this year as a group?

We were able to sponsor two events this year, the Hillsborough County Counselor Lunch and the Hillsborough County Monthly College/Career Counseling Meeting. We were also able to participate in the Palm Beach County Counselor Speed Dating Lunch and Florida SACAC Drive-In, as well as hosting a FRAC retreat for members.

Who can become a member?

Membership guidelines as of 2019-2020:

  1. Members must work out of their homes.
  2. Admissions must be the members’ primary profession.
  3. Members’ residences and recruitment territories must include the state of Florida.
  4. Member institutions main campus must be outside of the state of Florida
  5. Members or their institutions must be members of either SACAC (Southern Association for College Admission Counseling) or NACAC (National Association for College Admission Counseling).

What has FRAC accomplished to date?

Some of the items that we have been able to accomplish thus far are building our website, achieving incorporated not for profit status, opening a banking account with membership dues, and starting our branding through some bags, business cards, and our website.

What are some future plans for the organization?

We have some events that are currently planned, but unfortunately due to the uncertainty of the COVID-19 virus we have already had to cancel one. We have a FRAC Road Trip planned. We do also have a retreat planned for May.

I hope you enjoyed getting to learn a bit more about the new FRAC organization. I would recommend taking a look at their website if you would like to learn more and how you can get involved if you meet the membership criteria. Website can be found here: https://wearefrac.org/.