Fall Webinar Series: Intersectionality

November 12, 2020

Diversity, Race, Ethnicity, Multicultural, Access, Inclusion, Class, Sexual Orientation are all terms that can stand alone. Still, without considering Intersectionality, you are only considering terms/parts of a person without considering the whole person. Each person is special; each story is unique, but what can be ascertained in the broadest of ways that can help each of us not stereotype people but learn from the commonalities. We each have blind spots when it comes to the vast identities that are in our world; however, with the heightened awareness of identities, we must equip ourselves to speak knowledgable but also recognizing that there are human limitations on being all-knowing. We must all come with an open mind to broaden our ideas of diversity. This session is meant to explore the terms that are thrown around but are often misused. This session will help us to be more comfortable navigating in uncomfortable/unfamiliar conversations.

Shannon Barrilleaux
Sarbeth Fleming
Ash Haywood
Curtis Johnson

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