Sweet Tea Tours - NC TOUR ROUTE

All Day
June 5, 2016

To register for the Arkansas/Tennessee Sweet Tea Tour, please click AR/TN REGISTRATION.

To register for the NC Sweet Tea Tour, please click NC REGISTRATION.

By registering for the Sweet Tea Tour, you are agreeing to the policies and procedures of the tour. All participants are required to remain on the tour in its entirety. Leaving early or arriving late is not permitted. Additionally, throughout the tour, participants will be staying in residence halls at different colleges and universities. While every effort is made to ensure the quality of these rooms, these are not hotel rooms. All participants are required to remain in the assigned residence hall rooms, and are not permitted to seek their own housing arrangements  If this is done, you will be released from the tour and must seek your own transportation back home from your current location.  Additionally, all transportation will be provided by the bus hired by the Sweet Tea Tour. No one will be permitted to provide his or her own transportation for any reason.  If any of the above polices are broken during the tour, you will not be allowed to register for future tours.  If you have any questions, please contact one of the tour coordinators.


Sunday, June 5th – Friday, June 10th

  • Queen’s University
  • Winthrop University
  • Appalachian State University
  • High Point University
  • Wake Forest University
  • Salem University
  • UNC-Greensboro
  • UNC-Chapel Hill
  • NC Central
  • North Carolina State University
  • Duke University
  • East Carolina University
  • UNC-Charlotte (optional, but highly recommended)


Tour #1: North Carolina: June 5-10, 2016    

[email protected]
Caroline Morris, The Bolles School, Jacksonville, FL
Jennifer Setzler, Lake Highland Preparatory School, Orlando, FL

Registration cost:  $650 for members and $750 for nonmembers

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