Mini Camp College is a free, interactive, and informative college planning workshop designed for high school students from underrepresented and underserved populations. College admission professionals from institutions across the country lead workshops designed to help students navigate the college application process.

Mini Camp College sessions educate students about the college search, financial aid resources, and how to make themselves competitive in the admission process. This program informs those in attendance about the fundamentals of the college process (the ABCs of College Admissions). The target audience is students and families who are traditionally underserved or underrepresented in the college admissions process.

Planning a Mini Camp College

Summary: A Mini Camp College program increases knowledge and prepares high school graders for the college and financial aid process. Secondary, postsecondary, and CBO admission professionals generally host Mini Camp Colleges. Every camp receives up to a $1000 stipend to pay for promotion, space, food, and other necessary materials. These funds cannot be used for pay for stipends.

Types of Mini Camp Colleges

In-person Mini Camp College

Mini Camp College is a one-day (typically four to five hour) program consisting of four to five different sessions. The In-person Mini Camp Colleges typically are held in conjunction with other college admissions events in the area.

Virtual Mini Camp College

Virtual Mini Camp College is a one-hour topic-specific webinar. These one-hour webinars will focus on one or two topics and are published on the SACAC website.

Suggested sessions include:

  • Researching Colleges
  • Which College is Best for me?
  • Time Management
  • Navigating a College Major
  • Taking the ACT and SAT
  • Financial Aid & Scholarships
  • College Athletics

Hosting Mini Camp College

  • Who hosts a Mini Camp College? College Admissions Professionals, Local College Counselors or School Counselors, CBOs, Independent Counselors
  • A planning committee of at least 2-3 people is advantageous in distributing responsibilities.
  • Typical facilities needed are a large, auditorium-like room with comfortable seating for the expected audience numbers and restroom facilities. An area located outside this room where refreshments can be served or the ability to serve refreshments directly in the program room is advised.
  • Virtual Mini Camp College webinar events are hosted by SACAC through Zoom.

Who attends Mini Camp College?

SACAC aims to serve specific groups of underrepresented high school students (first-generation, low socioeconomic, students of color) who should be sought out and encouraged to attend.

All high school students and any adult helping a student navigate the college admission process are invited to attend.

When does Mini Camp College take place?

In-person Mini Camp Colleges are planned according to the convenience of the host institution. Still, organizers are strongly encouraged to schedule a program in conjunction with a NACAC College Fair or another programmatic opportunity such as a SACAC Drive-in Workshop.

How do participants register for Mini Camp Colleges?

Registration for all mini camp college programs is available on the SACAC website.

How do we get students to attend?

  • Communicate early and often with leaders of secondary schools ideally within 30 miles of the Mini Camp College location if hosting an in-person program. If your program is virtual, you may have students from all over the country.
  • Attendees could be high school students, parents, counselors, CBO advisors, and principals.
  • When possible, publicize programs with local community organizations (i.e., school board meetings, urban league meetings, PTA meetings, district or regional guidance counselor/college counselor, and principal meetings.)
  • Contact all university and community-based groups servicing underrepresented students, SOCs or first-generation college applicants (i.e., Upward Bound, A Better Chance, TRIO, Youth United Way, etc.), providing them with information on your Mini Camp College Program. Encourage these organizations to bring their entire group to join in the fun!
  • Use the media to your advantage! Reach out to local news stations, radio stations, and print publications and ask to promote this event.

What is the purpose of the funds?

SACAC gives each location a budget of up to $1,000 to assist with any costs associated with hosting an in-person Mini Camp College program. These funds can be used but are NOT limited to the following:

  • Promotional printing
  • Food
  • Audio/Visual
  • Security
  • Transportation

Funds cannot be used as stipends for the speakers or presenters.

Your estimated expenses projections will be requested prior to your event to assure the best use of funds. After your program, you will need to send all original receipts/invoices to your designated IAS committee chair along with a Request for Reimbursement Form. It is important that you make a copy of your originals as they cannot be returned. Your IAS committee chair will then request payment on your behalf from SACAC.

Who do I contact for questions and support?

If you are interested in helping with an upcoming event or have questions about planning your program, please contact Sarbeth J Fleming, IAS Co-chair.

If you are a student or adult interested in attending or if you wish to view the list of upcoming camps, please visit this page for information.

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