Volume 23, Issue 2 – December 2023

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Member Spotlight

Dominque Harrison, Director of Undergraduate Admissions, North Carolina Agricultural & Technical State University (NC)

Q: How long have you been in your current role?

A: I’ve been in this role for one year.

Q: What previous roles have you held?

A: Admissions counselor at NC A&T for three and a half years, teaching fellows coordinator and recruitment coordinator at NC A&T for three years, senior associate director of diversity initiatives at Appalachian State University for three years, and executive director of admissions at Norfolk State University for three years.

Q: How did you get started in admissions?

A: I was working a corporate job for about five years after college, then the recession in 2008 happened, and my entire department was laid off. That happened to me at the next three jobs over the next year or so. I was home with my unemployment about to run out when a friend of mine from undergrad called and told me that her job was hiring some temp counselors, or what we called back then, Road Runners. So I applied, got the temp job at the end of 2009 and was moved to permanent in 2010. Here I am, still here in the profession. 

Q: What brought you to this particular role?

A: This was a unique opportunity to come back full circle to where my career in admissions started. The opportunity to lead admissions and recruitment efforts at an institution like North Carolina A&T, where I received my master’s degree, aligned both personally and professionally for me. I was able to come back to North Carolina, closer to family and friends, while growing in the field of enrollment management.

Q: Given unlimited time and funding, what one initiative, program, or service would you implement today for your students?

A: I would create an initiative to support/educate the parents/guardians of African-American students on the college admissions process. Supporting and working with them on how they can best support and guide their students. Providing educational resources to help them better understand our processes. Resources to help support both them and their students emotionally, not just through admissions, but also while they are enrolled at their schools. 

Q: What is your best piece of advice for someone new to the profession?

A: Take advantage of the many opportunities that come your way. That can be anything from the ability to learn new skills, take on new responsibilities, visit places you may not on your personal time, meet great people and make connections. Even if you decide that Admissions or Enrollment Management is not a long-term profession for you, you gain and cultivate so many transferable skills in our field. Make the most of them while working towards both your institutional and personal goals. 

Q: What brought you to SACAC?

A: It’s a great professional resource. It’s a space where you can gain a lot of information and resources. The people are pretty cool too, lol. Really, the amazing people in SACAC make it as great as it is. I’ve met life-long friends, who have been an integral part of not just my professional growth, but my personal life also. SACAC also provides the opportunity to give back, to help not only future college-going students, but also the up-and-coming professionals in our field. I love the opportunities provided such as SACAC Conference and Dry Run and all the other programs to aid professional development. 

Q: What has been (or what you hope to be) the most impactful part of your SACAC membership experience? 

A: Through SACAC I have gained mentors (official and unofficial) who have played such a huge role in my career. From career progression, learning more about our profession, support and collaboration, finding my way onto advisory boards, and so much more. Having good mentorship is not an easy task, and SACAC has been so helpful in doing so. 

Q: What is your favorite part of your job?

A: Working with families like mine through the college admission process. Helping students and families find the best fit for the next step in the educational journey. It’s such a stressful and oftentimes complicated process. Being able to help families through the many moving parts often motivates me through the tough times in the office. 

Q: What have you learned about the students you serve during the past year?

A: One thing that I’ve learned about our students is that if you set the standard, they will meet it! They are not just smart but also inquisitive, driven, and focused. They have shown remarkable creativity in the ways they engage and support each other. We have to continue to serve our students with diverse styles of learning and preferences. Their resourcefulness, adaptability, and resilience have been inspiring to witness. 

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Quick minute: SACAC opportunities

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Call for Nominations

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  • “SACAC board service has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my career because of the direct impact we have on our profession and the connections we get to forge with others across our region.” Lucy Smith
  • “SACAC board service allows me to give back to the organization that has given so much to me over the past decade.” Allison North
  • “I thought I knew so much about SACAC, but board service has shown me that we do way more as an organization than I realized, and it’s truly amazing what all this Southern affiliate can do in a year that is even recognized nationally.” Cory Bailey
  • “During my SACAC board service, I have been challenged in ways I didn’t expect and learned skills I have been able to use in my daily role.” Courtney Vaughn 
  • “My absolute favorite thing about board service is connecting with amazing colleagues who have the heart for this industry, and who volunteer their time to create experiences and professional development opportunities for this great organization and its members.” Anita Hua

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