ACEP logo SACAC is an NBCC-Approved Continuing Education Provider (ACEP) and may offer NBCC-approved clock hours for events or workshops that meet NBCC requirements. Sessions or workshops for which NBCC-approved clock hours will be awarded are identified in the program bulletins.

Programs Eligible for Continuing Education Clock Hours:

  • Drive-In Workshops (approximately 3-5 clock hours)
  • Annual Conference (approximately 5-8 clock hours)
  • Summer Seminar (approximately 8-9 clock hours)

Continuing Education instructions for these programs are administered to all individuals upon registration on site. Within 60 days of the receipt of the roster of participants, the record of number of clock hours awarded for each participant, and the event evaluation summary, SACAC will issue a certificate of attendance by email to each participant seeking clock hours.

Please note: Continuing Education Log Forms from SACAC-sponsored events are only accepted until the end of the calendar year in which the event was offered.

SACAC reserves the right to revoke CE clock hours for the current event and deny future CE requests for failure to follow the procedures.  

If you have any questions, contact SACAC’s Executive Assistant at or 803-215-0023.

Event coordinators, click here for information regarding the process to follow for submission, approval, and awarding of clock hours to for your event(s).