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Governance & Nominating

The Governance and Nominating Committee shall have the duty and authority to nominate one or more qualified individuals for each elective office of the Association and each office of Delegate to the National Assembly of NACAC to be filled at each annual meeting of the membership of the Association, in accordance with the nomination procedures prescribed by these Bylaws. Neither the chairperson nor any member of the Governance and Nominating Committee shall be eligible for nomination to any office of the Association or as delegate to the National Assembly of NACAC, during their service on the Governance and Nominating Committee. In addition, the Governance and Nominating Committee will also select persons to receive named awards of the Association. The Governance and Nominating Committee will conduct an annual review of the Bylaws and Articles of Incorporation of the Association.

SACAC Nominations & Annual Awards

Any SACAC member may submit an application for a Board position, President-elect or Treasurer-elect.

Nominations for board members, president-elect, and treasurer-elect positions must be submitted by early January deadline.

Candidates must apply no later than mid January.

Applicants must also submit a signed Statement of Institutional Support form by the application deadline. In addition, each applicant may have up to two people submit a recommendation the application deadline. At least one recommendation is highly recommended.

In early February, the committee will review all nominees for President-elect, board positions, and awards. The committee will present a slate of officers to the membership at least 30 days before the spring conference. Award recipients will be announced during the conference.

All officers and Board members are elected for three-year terms and are required to attend two Board meetings at the annual conference, a summer Board meeting, and a Board meeting at the NACAC conference each year. The President, President-elect, and Past President must also attend NACAC’s LEAD program each summer.

Any SACAC member may nominate another member for a SACAC award.

Please use a separate form for each nomination you make. Award nominations are due in mid January.

Award winners will be named at the general membership meeting during the annual conference. Current members of the SACAC Board or the Governance and Nominating Committee are not eligible to receive awards.

Chair: Zaire Lionel, Rollins College (FL)

Vice-chair: Christy Conley, North Oconee High School (GA)

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