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Government Relations

The Government Relations Committee shall be responsible for monitoring federal and state legislation and legislative initiatives pertinent to college admissions and primary and secondary school counseling. The Government Relations Committee informs members of issues of concern with regards to education and college access initiatives both at the state and national level.  As an affiliate of NACAC, we follow NACAC's national perspective on policy priorities. We encourage SACAC members to root their advocacy efforts in NACAC's pillars. Visit the NACAC website to view those pillars.

Stay Informed

We want every member of SACAC to be able to locate their representatives, know on which committees their legislators serve, be able to track the bills their legislators write and vote on, and many other items. We have found that Plural Policy does that best for all of SACAC's members. Just type in your address and you can find out everything about your state & federal legislators that you would need to know.

State Links

Co-chairs: Anna Peel, The New School (GA) and Kelly Pietkiewicz, Community Foundation of MIddle Tennessee (TN)

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