The Advancement Committee exists to develop and implement strategies for building partnerships that financially support SACAC in fulfilling our vision.

The committee seeks support in sponsoring specific SACAC programs conducted throughout each year which include but are not limited to:

  • Summer Seminar
  • Dry Run Workshop
  • Drive-in Workshops (at least 10 per year)
  • Annual Conference
  • College Admission Workshops
  • Counselor Participation Fund
  • Webinars

The committee welcomes members who wish to share their ideas and talents to develop revenue that will advance SACAC’s mission. Members who have had specific experience in alumni development, fundraising, sales or marketing would be a good fit. Please contact the committee chairs for additional information.

Together, we can support professional development and affect thousands of lives across 9 states and our US territories. Help us continue to support and realize dreams!

Wish to become a sponsor? Click here to learn of opportunities.

Advancement Leadership