The mission of SACAC has long included an effort to reach counselors and students who may have been underrepresented in our professional association and the college admission process in general. For some time, SACAC member institutions have contributed to the Counselor Participation Fund, which has been used for Counselor Participation Fund Grants to members whose institutions are unable to fund their participation at the annual conference.

The Board broadened that practice and increased outreach efforts in 1995 by appropriating funds for Extending the Dream Grant, designed to fund special projects to reach underrepresented students, families or counselors. 

SACAC coordinates applications for NACAC’s Imagine Grant, which can be used for:

  • Membership dues for either NACAC or affiliate membership.
  • Registration, travel, lodging, and other conference fees related to attendance at NACAC and affiliate professional development programs including annual conferences.
  • Expenses associated with the development and implementation of special projects such as design, printing and postage as well as for event expenses such as food, venue rental and audio-visual equipment, and transportation.

Grants Leadership